"Filocolore was born from our passion for fabrics, different textures, natural raw materials and color in its broadest expression."

What better place than your own house to enjoy color, textures? Because home is more than a space. At Filocolore the passion for detail and things well done extends throughout the collection, where each product and color have their own reason for being, they are carefully designed to feel “at home anywhere”.
Filocolore was born in Catalonia, the cradle of the textile sector and the center of its evolution for many years, with a store in Barcelona and ..... our goal is to have the entire world as an area of ​​expansion, through our website and online store line.
We design Filocolore collections, starting with the exciting range of colors. Combining them becomes an exciting game, always having as a source of inspiration the expertise in combining the color of millenary cultures: the subtlety of the Japanese, the vibrant mix of the Indians, the degraded and British simplicity, the French camaillés and the Italian boldness.
Fabrics and patterns are chosen for their texture and composition, having natural raw materials, cotton, silk and linen as their epicenter.